Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fall Trends

Fall Color Trends

The leaves are falling, the weather’s cooling down, and the days are getting shorter as we find ourselves in that specialtime of year when we layer on our favorite fashions and accessories.
Cultural inspirations come from the landscapes of Spain and Russia, tongue-in-cheek British mod and Asian flare in kimono sleeves and mandarin collars.

Fine jewelry remains an essential fashion accessory. The focus this year is not on flash, but rather elegance with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Major movements reveal ultra feminine motifs, masculine shapes with ladylike accents, art deco themes, and futuristic mod graphics.Hammered metals in pink, yellow or white gold set with gemstones are key.

Other trends embrace yellow gold and onyx‘40s-style gem pavé with bold,faceted chalcedony or chandelier-cut crystal; and clean metal shapes adorned with crystals, hematite, and marcasite.
As expected, dark neutrals prevail for fall fashion, including black, brown and gray, with various shades of gray most prominent. The most powerful color trends in New York are driven by concern for the environment. Green rules, especially softer, more botanical shades like moss. Nature blues—in the colors of the sky and water—are important.

Purples explode in a natural fusion of plums and berries. New earthy neutrals reflect hues of stones and soil. Yellows shift to lower chromes of ochre tones. While rich, ethnic accents like deep, exotic reds and warm, radiant oranges punch up lighter neutrals.In London, Milan and Paris, rich, saturated color is even more pronounced. Next to dark neutrals, purple is a favorite in shades from violet to grape. Popular blues range from inky navy, indigo and cobalt to teal, aqua and ice blue. Greens, too, offer a spectrum of earthy colors such as grass, spearmint, emerald, jade, sage, and olive.

Various orange into yellow shades are key like burnt amber, poppy, tangerine, marigold, mustard, and lemon. Even eye-searing bright neons inject shots of lime, hot pink, fuchsia and scarlet into the palette. Burnished gold and bronze hues add a decorative touch.The contrast of the season’s neutrals combined with bright emerging colors creates the perfect balance—as in ashy gray with berry purple; metallic silver with fruity citron; charcoal with burnt orange; almond with bright tangerine; chocolate brown with bubble gum pink; or graphic black and white with chartreuse, emerald, or malachite.

Other seasonal combinations include champagne-tinted pastels with cinnamon and chocolate, fruity shades with stark white, and industrial hues from silvery blues, to greens and lavenders with gray overtones or a spritz of oxidized metallics. Look for tone-on-tone designs, color gradations, random color clusters, and mosaics to be important.

Ideal gems for this palette include emerald, demantoid and tsavorite garnets, peridot, spessartite garnet, Mexican fire opal, green and purple amethyst, aquamarine, blue and fancy sapphire, and various colors of tourmaline, moonstone, and zircon.

Opal with interesting play of color is a designer favorite, while onyx and pearls are perfect for black and white blends. Classic turquoise, lapis, coral, and various agates also work well with the latest fashion shades.

Fall Must Haves

1. Big gem cocktail rings
2. Statement necklace, typically set in different gems in one color family
3. Long chain necklaces with interspersed gems and/or pearls, or hanging prominent gem pendant
4. Gem-set earrings in drop, modified chandelier or hoop styles
5. Gem sprinkled bangles or cuffs, the more the merry for bold wrist action
6. Gem brooches are ideal for adding jeweled embellishment to any fashion


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Passion For Paisley

Passion For Paisley

The swirling teardrop shape first associated with shawls, quilts, and rugs has found its way into the imaginations and collections of leading luxury jewelers.

The paisley motif, which first originated in Persia in the 1500’s, was used in textile design to decorate royal interiors and court garments. The pattern was soon adopted in India with delicate and intricate floral and foliage motifs.

For the new season, jewelry designers are reinterpreting paisleys found in embroidery fabrics and lace motifs. They are spinning these looks, which range from richly flowery and colorful to embellished yet subtle, into gold with diamond and gemstone accents. Designers also borrow their influences from the ornamental saris and silks of India and the cashmere shawls from Kashmir.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Best of the Emmys Runways, red carpets

Best of the Emmys Runways, red carpets.

Television's biggest celebrities at the Emmy Awards Sunday overwhelmingly felt nostalgic for old Hollywood with red lips and white dresses, updos, and glam jewels.

After teasing us last year with a return to necklaces, bare necks are back. Earrings, bracelets, and rings, however, are bold, elegant, and, happily, interesting in design.

Some of the top trends at Emmys were:

Deco Inspiration. Clean geometric designs, and deco-inspired swingy drop earrings went well with hints of flapper in fringe and dropped waists.

Yellow gold. Yellow was a surprising contrast to the traditional white-on-white looks of past seasons.

Black Jewels. Blackened metal offered an antique look when set with diamonds. Others chose dark metal (or black pearls and gemstones) for a sharp and modern contrast to white gowns.

Bold Drops. Drop-earring silhouettes are still the favorite, but linear drops have been replaced by bolder looks. Forward hoops, oversize geometric shapes, and multiple drop designs were most popular.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jewellery Shopping at Parties

"Home Parties offer a comfortable environment for jewellery shopping"

Those involved in the industry say the development of such parties are the root for the increased trend toward female self-purchasers and women's desire to socialize despite hectic schedules. Parties are a nice way to combine shopping with a social life.

In parties people don't feel obligated to buy, however they usually do.Women can try on the jewelry with their friends, and it gives them a great time out.

If you’re thinking of getting in on the party, here are a few tips to help get you started:

* Market to clients you already know: Suggest a jewelry home-party to a
new bride looking for something to share with her bridesmaids, or to a
female client you know has an active social circle.

* Keep inventory big, parties small: Part of the appeal of home-parties
is the ability for clients to try on jewelry in the comfort of their home,
minus feeling the pressure to buy. Keep parties small enough that everyone
can handle the jewelry without creating security issues.

* Build on your brand: Use jewelry parties as an opportunity to promote
your brand. Bring stylish displays and boxes for purchases, and make sure
everyone goes home with a catalog.

* Give it time: Don’t be discouraged by a slow start. As with any new
business venture, it may take time for the idea to catch on with consumers..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hong Kong Gem And Jewellery Show

Hong Kong SEPTEMBER Gem And Jewellery Show

One of the world's top three jewellery events

The Fair is the single largest display of the world's jewellery and jewellery products in Asia, showcasing a wide range of products from fine finished jewellery, polished diamonds and gemstones, to all varieties of pearls, jewellery timepieces, packaging, displays, as well as jewellery-making equipment, tools and machinery.

One Fair‧Two Venues‧One Great City

Space limitations at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre are the reason many potential exhibitors are on the waiting list to participate in the Fair, while many existing exhibitors who would like to expand their booths are unable to do so at present. The 2007 edition of September Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair will be held at both the Hong Kong Convention &

Exhibition Centre and AsiaWorld-Expo as follows:

23 - 28 September 2007 at AsiaWorld-Expo

25 - 29 September 2007 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Fair is:

the biggest jewellery fair in Asia

the biggest pearl fair in the world

the second biggest diamond and gemstone fair in the world

Over 2,400 exhibitors from 47 countries/regions

Over 40,000 visitors from 140 countries/regions

Over 80,000 square metres of exhibition space

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gemstone Setting Types : Closed and Open Settings

Gemstone Setting Types : Closed and Open Settings

There are two basic types of gemstone settings: open settings and closed settings. Open settings are any type of setting that allows light to enter through the bottom of a faceted or transparent cabochon gemstone.

In a "closed setting" light can only enter the stone from the top. This type of setting is appropriate for opaque cabochon-cut stones and highly refractive faceted stones where light can enter through the crown and table of the stone and be reflected back to the observer from within.

Open Gem Setting Types

Prong Settings

Within the category of "open settings" there are several variations. The most common variety for faceted gemstones is a prong setting (below, left), with either 3 or 4 prongs that hold the stone in place. This type of setting exposes the maximum amount of light to the sides and bottom.

Carré setting

A Carré setting is where the stone is seated directly over a light well (above, right), and the stone is set by raising (hammering) four "spurs" with a "graver" tool.

Tension Settings

A "tension setting" uses the metal's natural tendency to "spring" back to its original position to hold the stone in place. The metal is spread apart, and the girdle of the stone is seated into small grooves in the inside surface of the metal. This type of setting requires special alloys of metal that are strong enough to create and withstand the necessary pressure to hold the stone firmly. Tension settings are only appropriate for very hard stones (Hardness of 9 to 10: diamond, ruby, sapphire, cz or moissanite).

Frustum Settings

A Frustum, or "Hollow Cone" setting is a conical or tapered setting constructed from sheet metal. The stone's pavilion rests against the inside of the cone and the outer edge of the cone's lip is bet over the girdle to secure the stone. A frustum setting can be open or closed.

Closed Gem Setting Types

Variations of the closed setting are the "bezel” setting, channel setting, cluster setting, Kundan setting, frustum setting, Pavé, and the seamless tube setting.

Bezel Settings

The oldest and most basic gemstone setting is the "Bezel". Used primarily to set cabochons, a vertical strip of metal is formed to encircle the stone, then soldered to a metal base. The stone is secured by pushing and bending the bezel towards the stone using a burnishing tool.

Channel settings

Channel settings are primarily used to set faceted gemstones that are straight-sided, or quadrilateral in shape (baguette or princess cut). The stones are aligned in a channel, sitting girdle-to-girdle. step-cut stones can rest on a track giving a "keystone" effect. Matching stones that are cut to a uniform size for use in channel settings are called "calibré-cut," as in "Eternity Rings."

Pavé Settings

A Pavé Setting is a tight grouping of identically sized stones laid across a flat, or convex surface, from the French word for "paved." The stones are held in place using three to six raised beads per stone.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

GEM Color Pallete

Below is a Color pallet chart just for ur refrence might help u with color and stones.




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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I found these jewellery pieces very interesting tat is why im posting thm in here,im sure most of u would have seen it b4 but nywyas enjoy :D

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

3D Nature

Jewelry this season is a bejeweled museum of natural history. Buds and blossoms are fresh off the stem. Animals, birds, and insects have legs and ears, wings and beaks. Fruit is ripe and round, ready for picking.

Although nature has long inspired the jeweler’s art, these three-dimensional models are no longer confined to the whimsical brooch. Roses perch on the finger. A vine twists around the wrist. Wings extend and jewelry takes flight into new levels of dimension. Pieces both small and large have taken on more depth.

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Geometry remains important this year, with the never-ending circle pendant now joined by ovals, spirals, and other shapes. But geometry has also taken a leap into 3D with pieces that feature spheres. Globular pendants, dangles,earring drops, and beads are adding dimension to styles at all price points this season. Some styles also feature spherical beads and pearls. The most popular styles have openwork spherical cages to add volume without too much weight. Some styles are modern, others delicate filigree. But all add depth to geometrical design.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007



As the weather warms, the fine jewelry forecast for Spring is bright. According to fashion designers this season, the color white just looks right. It also happens to be the perfect canvas for those who like to accessorize with colorful gemstone jewelry and intricate precious metal creations that will not be ignored. Some key trends in fine jewelry that are sure to attract keen shoppers include:


Choker style necklaces pair perfectly with turned up collar shirts
Colorful gemstones formed into a V-shape are made to look like a pretty bib
Chain link necklaces come in extra long to allow for wrapping .
Charms that can be added and removed to necklaces create a more personalized look. Little layered pendants with initials, personal symbols or words are perfect for women of any age


Charm bracelets that used to take years to build are now ready made and ready to wear, thanks to designers who offer the look for the less patient. Cuff bracelets made from smooth dark ebony wood or those that feature a rainbow of colorful gemstones are the “it” accessory of the season
Thick or thin, bangles stacked up have high impact


Large bands with minimal details such as a simple engraving or organic scrollwork are nice alternatives to oversized cocktail rings.Stacking rings that have a new slant are easy to wear and high on style. Pick coordinating colored gemstones, your birthstone or solid precious metal versions.Diamonds for daytime? If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. Diamond right hand rings and eternity bands are the perfect way to punch up those designer jeans


The hoopla over hoop earrings continues. Oversized versions, as preferred by celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles also appeal to the brave at heart. Fear not though, all sized hoops are stylish this season. Sets of three earrings that coordinate, not match, are making waves this Spring.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Smooth Skin (Cabachons)

With medieval and ancient motifs trending full circle, cabochon jewelry has come round back into fashion। While most gemstones are faceted to reveal their beauty, cabochons have a beauty that’s more than skin deep। Beneath the smooth, rounded exteriors, cabochons exhibit a more subtle sparkle.

With trends drawing from medieval motifs and ancient civilizations on the increase, cabochons are becoming more acknowledged and accepted for their understated elegance.

Larger carats make for dramatic statements and true genuineness. Besides the classic oval, new shapes are emerging: marquises, sugarloafs, pyramids, and even star and cross-like cuts.

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Yellow gold, Rose gold and Pearls

Yellow gold is the preferred gold style of the summer and is making a comeback set to harm sales of whiter shades of gold,according to jewellery experts.

New season jewellery trends show that inspiration is very much coming from Greek and Roman mythology and it has a heavy and archaic style. This is in contrast to white gold or platinum styles which are lighter and more contemporary.

"Yellow gold is making a great return. It's about touching. Yellow gold is sending you a warm message. White gold is colder, more anonymous."

[violet]Rose gold is also increasing in popularity sparked.[/violet]And pearls have also made a comeback with many women, pearl jewellery for family heritage with a traditional, elegant look.

This may have something to do with pearls being featured heavily on the catwalks this season. Major fashion designers have all sent models down the catwalks in pearls and they have celebrity patrons as well.


Through a jewellery article, professionals shared their thoughts on the most important jewelry trends for the year.

Here were their top choices:

Dramatic designs, eye-catching designs ;

Yellow gold returns with a rush: glamorous designs with warm-colored gems;

Estate jewelry influences, such as lavalieres, filigree, woven chain;

Bold rings with hefty colored gemstones;

Textures, satin finishes, meshy flexible constructions;

Diamond-intensive brooches, hearts, stars, butterflies, lots of diamond pave;

The white heat of platinum, sometimes with diamonds sometimes alone;

Resurgence of coral and turquoise, sometimes with pearls;

New necklace shapes: y-shape, longer lengths and dramatic bibs;

Color in all forms: colored gemstones, colored gold, pastel-toned pearls;

Fancy cut gemstones and briolettes;

Wrist-wrapping bracelets such as bangles, cuffs and coils;

Longer and more dramatic earrings, less demure, more drama;

Versatility: reversible and convertible designs. [/blue]

MOST important ****

From bangles to cuffs , big and bold bracelets emerged as the most important jewelry trend.

Yellow Gold is soon going to be high in fashion this year.

The Green Movement

These days a lot of attention is being paid to the preservation of our planet as well as the trend toward organic forms and materials in jewelry and fashion, the evolution of the green palette has become natural. From retailers to consumers, everyone is considering what’s having an impact on our planet.

Jewellery designers are now showing their support to the "Green” collection, their basic purpose is to safeguard the earth: its people, plants, animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

As far as fine jewelry, we have long associated green with precious and deep, rich gems such as emerald and apple-green jade or the less expensive but still intensely colored peridot.

However today’s designers are experimenting with a palette that breaks from convention and features such stones as prehnite, green amethyst, green diamonds, green sapphire, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, chrysoprase, and peacock green Tahitian pearls.

While this newest green color story is shown in all colors of gold, perhaps the most interesting and creative is its mix with rose gold.

Jewellery Trends 2007

** I'm going to post all the jew trends under tis topic "Jewellery Trends 2007"

** All the articles are are extracted from Jewellery magazines and was exactly copied.

** I Post the same trends in most of the jew communities, so tat every1 gets to know about the latest trends....ENJOY !!!


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